Einstein made popular his own picture with his tongue hanging out. The scientist liked the picture so much that he ordered many copies and sent them to all his friends. The Science is not boring at all!

From February 8 to February 17, the VIII International Science Festival will be held at the Moscow Regional State Pedagogical University. Leading scientists of the University and country of different ages and scientific schools will share their experience, discuss their research and discoveries.

VIII International Science Festival is:

✅ 3000+ participants;

✅ 70+ scientific events;

✅ 9 days of work in a community with like-minded people.

The opening of the Festival will take place on February 8 in the main building of MRSPU at the address: 10A Radio st, building 1,Moscow in the Demidov Hall. Start: at 12:00

At the Festival venues, participants will present key achievements that will become the basis for further development of scientific cooperation, expansion and strengthening of partnerships between MRSPU and leading domestic scientific and educational organizations.

On February 17, during the closing of the Science Festival , the winners of the X Competition for the best edition of MRSPU will be awarded in the following categories:

📍“Best Educational Edition”;

📍“The best scientific publication”;

📍“The best scientific collection”

— winners of the competition “Scientist of the Year – 2022” in the following categories:

📍“Best Research Team – 2022”;

📍“Best Young Researcher – 2022”;

📍 “Scientist of the Year- 2022”.

The objectives of the Festival are the development of the scientific potential of the University, cooperation with research, production and educational centers of the Moscow region and other regions, the integration of intellectual products of the University’s scientific schools into the real sector of the Russian economy.